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Sports Injuries

Athletes of all skill levels are turning to sports chiropractic for help when they are injured. It was back in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics that the first doctor of chiropractic was included on the sports medicine team. Since that time both amateur and professional athletes have been turning to the drugless chiropractic approach to help improve their performance and as a first resort for their sports related injuries.  At my San Diego Chiropractic Clinic we have been treating weekend warriors, college atheletes and occasional professional athletes for over 20 years.

Sports injuries nearly always jar and misalign the spinal column: a blow to the ribs, legs, feet, head, shoulder or torso always radiates to the center of the body -- that's why a chiropractic checkup is needed when you are injured, regardless of the nature of the injury. Chiropractic is needed, in fact, even when medical procedures may also be necessary.

Why? If an injury is serious enough to need medical care, the spine is almost always damaged to a greater or lesser degree. Further, medical doctors are simply not trained to locate and correct spinal subluxations -- that is the realm of the doctor of chiropractic.

As superstar Joe Montana stated, "I only wish I had tried chiropractic care a few years ago when I first started having back pain, and maybe this surgery would never have happened." Evander Holyfield, World heavy-weight Boxing Champion, echoes the attitude of many world-famous athletes: "I found that going to a chiropractor helps my performance. Once I drove 20 miles to see a chiropractor before a fight. I have to have my adjustment before I go into the ring."

Treatment Have you ever felt helpless because a player had a nagging injury like an ankle sprain or pulled hamstring? Did you know that there are several types of treatment that can significantly speed your athlete's recovery?

Chiropractic treatment is ideal for sports injuries. We usually are able to achieve quicker and more complete results because our focus is biomechanics - often the cause of injuries. Our athletic patients spend less time resting and more time in the game.

We are conservative in our care and believe that it is the best approach for most sports injuries. In the unfortunate event an injury requires more invasive measures, we work cooperatively with area medical colleagues who specialize in sports medicine.

Peak perfomance and healthy athletesPeak Performance Keeping athletes healthy, in the game and at top performance is important to us - just as it is to you.

Often, we treat athletes who are interested in improving their athletic performance. We have thorough knowledge of nutrition and the body mechanism. Good health balanced with proper diet is intricately connected to your performance on the field, the court, the track or any other athletic arena.

You can concentrate on fine tuning your ability. Let Dr. Jones help you fine tune your good health for your peak performance.

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