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Whiplash Personal Injury Claims

Help with personal injury claims.

Personal injury

Auto or car accident injuries, also known as whiplash, can be difficult to deal with, even if you have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with them in the past.  Whiplash brings the physical distractions of neck pain, back pain, headaches and other symptoms into your life. 

Whiplash injuries tear the muscles and ligaments that move and support your back and neck.  The force of a whiplash injury can also jam the joints of your spine together causing a snowball effect that includes irritation, inflammation, muscle spasm and pain.  If left untreated, scar tissue will form resulting in chronic pain, permanent stiffness and in some cases long term disability.

Whiplash injuries have a negative impact on your exercise activities, recreational activities, interaction with your family and your ability to perform at work.  On top of these issues you have to deal with insurance companies, maybe lawyers and the other involved parties.

Chiropractic care helps relieve the pain of whiplash.  Chiropractic care also allows you to heal faster with a less likely chance of experiencing chronic pain that is often associated with whiplash

I have learned a great deal about dealing with lawyers and insurance companies over my last 20 years of practice.   We can help you deal with attorneys, insurance companies and third party liens so that you can make informed decisions about how to best handle your auto or car accident injuries.

We believe that when you are injured that you should concentrate on getting well, not on solving problems for the insurance company. That is why we will process as much of the paper work for you as possible.

If you were involved in an auto or car accident and you:

  1. Need Treatment
  2. Live in San Diego
  3. Are confused by the payment options
  4. Are not sure where to begin

Call our San Diego Chiropractic office today at (619) 280-0554 we can help find solutions for your auto accident issues.

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Great Chiropractor

By: NM

Dr. Jones & his wonderful Secretary Linda are AMAZING! They have just relocated behind their old establishment. They are friendly, professional and dog lovers. When you enter their office, you are transported to a Bali Getaway! Sometimes their Dog Rex is there and he's also a pleasant creature t ......


Great Doctor fixing my back

By: Lynn B

Steve has been working on my back for about 15 months now, at first twice a week, now once a week, and after almost 17 years of chronic back pain, after a fall down stairs, he almost has be pain free between visits.

I'm very overweight, and a smoker, and he hasn't given me a hard tim ......


Health Maintenance ‎‎

By: Thomp0430

My job requires me to sit at a computer for hours upon end. This reeks havoc on my neck, upper and lower back and can sometimes causes me great pain. I visit Dr. Jones on a regular basis to relieve tension and maintain an overall healthier disposition.‎

Old Injuries New Relief‎‎

By: MikeC

I've been seeing Dr. Jones off and on now for going on 8 years. Usually for maintenance type adjustments. I was in a motorcycle accident back in the 70s and messed myself up pretty bad. All the medical "doctors" was get me strung out on a bunch of pain killers, downers, then uppers to offset the dow ......


Dr. Jones keeps me running

By: Lisa

Literally, my running was hampered by ankle and knee pain. I thought it was arthritis. Dr. Jones knew what was causing the pain and designed a whole plan of care for me - and most of it was things I needed to at home. He did some therapy in his office but he sent me home with a handful of really ......



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